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Hadrien Baradel

Product manager @ Dolead

v3.2 : Dolead becomes compliant with Adwords' RMF

After one year of hard work, we are happy to announce that Dolead’s optimization for Google Adwords just got a whole lot better! Before, in order to provide a better experience of managing campaigns with Dolead, we prioritized the integration of the minimal features required by the Google Adword so that you wouldn’t juggle with different interfaces. Yet, with our latest update, a total of more than 100 Google Adwords features are now available in our interface directly.

Welcome to the campaign !

Dolead is advancing closer to a complete platform for SEA campaigns. You can now find a list of illustrations representing all the new features available inside our campaign management interface. In addition, in our “Campaign” interface, you can find a new button for:

  • Calculate your opportunities
  • Change the language in which new opportunities are calculated.

In addition, we have added three new features. You can now:

  • Edit your Google Adwords campaign
  • Add exclusion features such as negative keywords and audience lists
  • Enhance your ads with extensions, including applications, calls, comments and appendix

Notably, similar to Adword’s interface, you can now easily edit the exclusion features and ads extensions on a group level instead of doing it one by one. Just go ahead and click “ edit negative criteria” and “ edit feeds”! It is our goal to save your time on campaign management.

Furthermore, you don’t have to switch to Google Adwords for creating new campaigns any more! Using our new interface, you can launch a new campaign after setting these objectives:
- Campaign’s subtype: standard or mobile - Whether to include the partner network of Google Adwords - The budget - The rate of spreading the campaign: standard or accelerated - The language(s) of your campaign - The geo-location of the campaign - The type of your campaign rotation

Create your ad groups, ads and keywords now at Dolead !

We have added another feature that will help you to create, to edit and to remove your ad group, individual ads and keywords. For example, if you wish to create a new ad into an existing ad group, click “campaign” then the button “+ Ad”. From here on, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the ad group where you want to add this campaign (to speed up the process, use the find window to search for the ad group).
  2. Choose the type of the ad: ad for search network, a dynamic ad for search network or simply an ad of a telephone number.
  3. Last but not least, add your URL if needed.

A new Keyword Tool for Google Adwords !

To finish up, in addition to our Keyword tool that analyzes user search intent by groups, we have also integrated the Keyword tool in Google Adwords.

After this update, it’s possible to analyze your campaigns in both Google Adwords and Bing Ads with Dolead’s interface. You can now create and edit your campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords.

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